Outcome Focussed

Evahan has developed and continues to develop, as part of its continuous improvement program, innovative procedures to engage with and deliver business consulting services. Evahan

  • is strictly Outcome Focussed
  • prepares detailed Service Proposals
  • develops proprietary Frameworks and Tools

Understanding and delivering on the desired outcome(s) of our clients is our number one focus. We achieve this through:

  • Good listening, and scoping analysis with our clients including at initial discussions and interviews before we commence the development of a detailed Service Proposal.
  • After the preparation of the Service Proposal, before it is signed, we agree with the client that the achievement of the Milestones and Activities as laid out in the Service Proposal will highly-likely deliver those outcomes.
  • Evahan does not take on projects without a clear and concise desired client outcome(s).
  • Evahan does not take on projects where the objective is to produce an esoteric report, or a report subject to interpretation, or a report without tight controls attached, or appeasement reports. We are just not interested in these "Management Consultant" style reports. We are Business Consultants with the objective of delivering services to assist our clients to achieve Profitability and Success.

Service Proposals

Evahan prepares highly structured Service Delivery Proposals for our clients, or potential clients, with detailed date and location based Milestones and Activities each of which are priced so the fee quotation is open-book.

These structured proposals provide outcome accountability and date management. Evahan never proposes "broad brush" milestones of the type typically provided by many consultants, the type that provide "wriggle room" for the consultant and loose project management of the engagement.

A common Activity of Evahan Service Proposals is the 15-Minute Check-In. These are usually MS Teams based meetings with relevant members of the client team to determine:

  • How are we progressing with regard to the achievement of Milestones?
  • What are the pressing issues? How can Evahan help? How can the client help themselves to ensure we remain on track? What actions do we need to take and by when?
  • What is the next upcoming Milestone and what actions can we take to get "ahead of the curve" on the achievement of this Milestone?

Frameworks and Tools

Evahan has developed and is continuing to develop frameworks and tools to facilitate client learning and the design, implementation, and improvement of systems to enhance profit and success. The key categories of Evahan's Frameworks and Tools are:

  • Diagrammatic learning frameworks
  • Templates
  • Jargon & articulation Control

Diagrammatic Frameworks and Learning Tools

Examples of proprietary diagrammatic learning tools frameworks are pictured to the right. These learning tools set-out the key components that need to be understood and followed to:

  • Design, implement, and refine a Quality Management Systems (QMS) that is ISO 9001:2015 Certifiable
  • Develop an Asset Protection Strategy
  • PESTEC, which is an External Forces analysis tool to assist in the development of a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) chart
  • Formulate Strategy

Evahan has developed many similar learning tools to facilitate the effective delivery of many of our 50 or so business consulting services.


Evahan has developed a myriad of templates ranging from Meeting Agendas and Minutes, legal documentation, as well as domain specific templates such as those for a QMS including Risk Matrices, Quality Manuals, Calibration Registers, Skills Matrices, Internal Audit Schedules, Objectives and Targets Registers, as well as tools and techniques for file, folder and document naming conventions for easy and rapid retrieval of critical information and data.

Jargon and Articulation Control

Jargon and its lack of consistent company-wide application and understanding can be a productivity killer, a significant knowledge hurdle for new employees, customers and suppliers alike. And it’s an operational succession nightmare if the same product for example, goes by five different names within the same organisation.

An example that comes to mind is in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and assembly where one major manufactured component which is the same component can be called a clevis, a tube clevis, a tube end, a barrel clevis, a barrel end, or even a "cap" depending upon the type of hydraulic cylinder.

If you turbo and supercharge charge this inconsistent articulation over 2,000 part numbers for example, and then start adding acronyms for department divisions, and procedures the confusion can quickly overwhelm and become a productivity, training and operational succession nightmare.

Evahan helps its clients, where necessary, to produce Jargon Manuals which are a quick reference guide to eliminate confusion and improve the clarity of thinking and productivity of its people, customers and suppliers.


Outcome Focussed

Deliver Desired Client Outcomes
Develop Systems so Clients can "Read the Time"
No Esoteric Reports

Service Proposals

Detailed Milestones
Detailed Activities
15 Minute Check-Ins

Frameworks & Tools

Diagramatic Frameworks
Jargon & Articulation Control

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