Evahan and its principal consultant Jason Bresnehan is experienced in delivering its over 50 business consulting Services, to over 13 Sectors across 22 Market Segments.

For all the business consulting services that Evahan and its principal Jason Bresnehan provide, we can demonstrate "real-life" and "runs-on the-board" experience in delivering those services.

Providing business consulting services that we have actual experience in delivering to clients throughout Tasmania, Australia, the USA and South East Asia is central to our Approach.

Because we are discrete and protective of our clients' confidentiality and their intellectual property we can, with our client'’'s permission, discuss the work we have performed. In some instances, this might require that you enter into a "short and sharp" Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement.

The 13 Sectors across 22 Market Segments are summarised in the below table.

  • Advanced Mechanical Manufacturing and OEM Assembly
  • Agriculture & Primary Production
  • Electrical Engineering and Repairs
  • Finance
  • Import/Export/Distribution
  • Mechanical Engineering and Repairs
  • Professional Services
  • Property Development
  • Recycling
  • Social Services
  • Software
  • Tourism
  • Venture Capital
  • Accommodation - B&B, Motels and Student Campus
  • Beer, Wine & Spirit
  • Commercial/Industrial Property
  • Cotton, canola, cattle grazing, dairy, fat lamb grazing, game meats, plant nurseries, wheat & wool
  • Defence - OEM Parts for Submarines
  • EOMs - ERP Software, EOM Parts
  • Events
  • Food, Produce and Fibre Processing - Hydraulics OEM Parts and Industrial Automation
  • Forestry - Blue Gum Plantation Management, Native Forestry
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Marine Shipping & Stevedoring
  • Metals Processing - Hydraulic OEM Parts and Industrial Automation
  • Mining (above and underground) - Hydraulic Cylinder & Hydraulic Hose OEM Parts
  • Recycling - Rubber Tyre, HDPE and PE Processing and Container Collection & Sorting
  • Residential Property
  • Retail - Charity Shops
  • Roadside Products
  • Robotics - Underwater OEM Parts, Vending & Medical Instrumentation
  • Ship Building - OEM Components & Repairs
  • Shipping & Stevedoring
  • Software - Manufacturing ERP, Agriculture Benchmarking, Search
  • Therapeutic Drug Developments - R&D, Biological Reagents Distribution
  • Transport - Fleet Maintenance, OEM Parts, Repairs
  • Water Irrigation - Infrastructure, Repairs and OEM Parts

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