Evahan and its principal consultant Jason Bresnehan provides business consulting services across three categories:

  • Operation System Improvement and Strategy
  • Financial Systems Improvement and Strategy
  • Transaction Advisory and Deal Structuring

In the last 12 months, with the exception of financial analysis and advice with regard to property transactions, the key focus has been on the delivery of business consulting to the advanced mechanical manufacturing and equipment assembly Sector, including:

  • Design, development, implementation and improvement in processes, procedures, systems, controls and documentation to improve quality
  • Project Management of Software Projects
  • Data Analysis
  • Pricing and Quotation Analysis, Development, and Review

Evahan operates in and has experience in delivering to a broad cross-section of Sectors and the Market Segments. These are summarised in Experience.


In addition to business consulting, Evahan takes "family office" responsibility for Jason Bresnehan & Family assets which include residential, rural, commercial property holdings and a small operational farming enterprise.

Evahan provides services to the Bresnehan Family in the areas of:

  • Financial analysis
  • Entity structuring
  • Asset protection
  • Negotiation facilitation
  • Financial and accounting administration

In the past Jason Bresnehan & Family entities have undertaken residential property developments including a land subdivision, and the development of inner-city residential houses.


Evahan will undertake deal assessment and due diligence activities with a view to participating in:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Seed Investments
  • Swapping Fees for Equity

In the past Jason Bresnehan has participated in seed investments in:

  • A cloud-based public relations media release platform called NewsGallery (now called NewsMaker)
  • Seedtech International, a company developing innovative agricultural seed products which made sales to the Falkland Islands.
  • Imagination Corp, an importer and Australian distributor of the Aquis microfibre hair towel range into Australia's largest department store retailers.
  • Pandora Luggage Solutions, a designer, developer, importer, and distributor of aluminium luggage for the professional hair and make-up artist market segment. Sales were achieved in Australia, the USA, Italy, Norway and Mexico.

Evahan is interested in joint venturing and/or seed investing in companies where cloud-based software solutions can increase operational efficiencies.

Evahan is also interested in pursuing property developments within joint venture structures.


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