Improvement in operational and financial systems,
Strategy, analysis and transaction deal structuring
to deliver
profit & success


Evahan provides business consulting services across three categories:

  • Operation System Improvement and Strategy
  • Financial Systems Improvement and Strategy
  • Transaction Advisory and Deal Structuring

More recently, Evahan has delivered services to improve the processes, systems, and quality in the advanced mechanical manufacturing and equipment assembly Sector. Over the last 35 years other sectors have included agriculture & primary production, electrical engineering and repairs, finance, import/export/distribution of consumer and trade professional products, mechanical engineering and repairs, professional services, property development, recycling, social services, tourism, software, and venture capital. More detail concerning these Sectors and the Market Segments in which Evahan has operated is included at Experience.

Evahan innovates in its Approach to client engagements. The About section describes how Evahan not only provides business consulting Services, but also provides advisory services to Jason Bresnehan & Family entities and participates in joint ventures, seed investments and equity for fees arrangements whilst following a set of company values.



The owner and principal consultant of Evahan is Jason Bresnehan. I am an experienced executive in the improvement of operations and strategy, financial systems improvement and analysis, transaction advisory and deal structuring.

For almost 35 years I have provided business consulting and advisory services to small business, SMEs, local, state and federal governments, large private companies and publicly listed companies.

I have delivered operational, financial and deal structuring advice as a contracting consultant in roles such as interim CEO, interim General Manager, contract COO, CFO, corporate advisor, venture capitalist and business consultant.

My Sector and Segment experience is summarised in my Experience Record.




System & Process Improvement
Strategy Development
Business & Strategic Plans


Financial Systems Improvement
Financial Analysis
Financial Modelling & Forecasting


Transaction Advisory
Entity Structuring
Negotiation Facilitation

Collaboration Partners
Research & Development
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